Does a Handyman Need to Have a Contractors License?

There are very few areas where a handyman can get a handyman license, so the question becomes: How can I work legally as a handyman and still make a good living? It seems that every state in the Union has licensing requirements for all aspects of construction.  You have to be a licensed contractor to do any major work…jobs like…

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About Licensing and Insurance

Check with your state or local licensing authority to determine if your handyman work will require a license.  To protect your assets it is very important to get the necessary licenses and that you have general liability insurance.

Why Does My Handyman Business Need General Liability Insurance?

Insurance is necessary for two important reasons.  Insurance will help to protect your assets in case something goes wrong with a job that you complete.  Secondly, it will bring you more business.  In fact, chances are that it will bring in far more revenue than the cost for coverage. There are many handymen working in my area and it would…

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How Much Insurance Coverage Should I Have?

If my commercial experience is typical, $1,000,000 worth of general liability insurance is a good starting point.  On my latest renewal I discovered that raising my limit to $2,000,000 did not increase my premium.  Ask your agent for quotes on both coverage limits. The more assets you have, the more important liability coverage is and the more coverage you need. …

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Where Can I Get Handyman Insurance?

Finding coverage is not always easy, especially if you are a first year handyman.  I called around to my local agents and had no luck.  On the internet I found an insurance broker who was able to quote a policy for me. There are a couple of agents on my Resources Page. These policies are becoming more and more available and…

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Do I Need to Have a Catchy Name for My Handyman Business?

If you’re interested in selling your business down the road you will want to have a catchy name.  It would be pretty tough to sell Jim Smith’s Handyman Service to Jenny Jones! But there are some downsides.  Using a fictitious name (any name that isn’t your given name) will cost you some extra money.  Once you’ve chosen the name you’ll…

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Who is Required to Have a City Business Tax Certificate?

If you do work within the city limits, where ever you are, there is probably a business license requirement. Here is a quote from the City of Santa Rosa’s website:  “Any person whose business is located in the city or conducts business in the city must apply for a business tax certificate within 30-days of the date the business commences….

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Do I Need a Resale Permit and Should I Use Resale Certificates?

Yes, if you’re going to have taxable sales you’ll be required to have a Resale or Sellers Permit number and to collect and remit sales taxes to your state. Upon applying, you will be issued a resale number to be used when filing your sales tax return.  You can also file this number with your suppliers (on Resale Certificates) to…

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Do I Need an Email Address and My Own Domain Name?

Yes on both counts.  An email address and a domain name will help to build your credibility.  They prove that you are serious about your work and give your clients another way to communicate with you. I encourage you to get your own personalized domain name and use it for your email address and your webpage.  There are many free…

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Should I Ask To Be Paid in Cash?

No.  And don’t offer a cash discount.  Never tell a customer that you prefer to be paid in cash.  Asking for cash is bad business and a dead give away that you are cheating on your taxes.