Making the Decision to Start a Handyman Business

Trash Can Enclosure

On my first job as a handyman I built this trash can enclosure on the existing pad.

Are you tired of working for “the man?”  If you were laid off, how would you like to have a job where you could never be laid off again?  Want more variety in your work?  Want more control over your time and the work you do?  Want to take vacations whenever you choose?  Do you want to be your own boss?  Start a handyman business!

If you’re like me, I considered becoming a handyman for a long time before I actually took the leap.  I figured that if things changed for the worse at my job I would pack it in and work for myself.  That day came sooner than I thought when the company I worked for closed its doors.  One day we were all working comfortably and the next day we were out on the street!  I tried looking for another job but it seemed like I was either over qualified or there were no positions open at my experience level.

I asked myself, “Why not start my own handyman business?”  I have some tools and I’ve done lots of light construction.  People have always complimented me on being “handy” so why not become a handyman?

Sometimes, the most difficult challenge in starting and running a business is making the initial decision to move ahead!  I had a lot of questions…

  • How long would it take to get started?
  • How much should I charge and how much money would I make?
  • Are there too many handymen in my area already?
  • What kind of jobs will I be asked to do?
  • Would I need a lot of tools?
  • How would I market myself?
  • What about licensing and insurance, would I be able to protect myself if something went wrong?
  • What about bookkeeping and taxes, would they be a nightmare?

My goal is to answer these questions for you.  With this Guide to Success you won’t have to learn the hard way, like I did.  You’ll be starting off on the right foot!

Kitchen Lighting Installation

Upgraded the lighting in this kitchen by removing the old fashioned light box, re-texturing the sheetrock and installing new light fixtures.

You will find that it isn’t difficult to become a handyman and you don’t need to have a lot of top quality tools.  But, there is a right way and a wrong way to build your business and you’ll discover that the right way leads to a much higher profits for you.

Is there too much competition?  You won’t be worrying about the competition.  If you follow the suggestions in this book you’ll be the only handyman your customers will want to talk to.

I’ve included a Handyman Estimating Guide with pictures from actual job sites so that you will have a basis for the estimates you will be making.  I’ve also included a list of many of the jobs that I’ve completed to illustrate the types of work you might be asked to do.

The “Marketing Your Handyman Business” section will show you how to find the best paying, loyal customers and the suggestions on advertising will save you the cost of this book many times over!