Should I Get Handyman Signs for My Truck?

Yes.  Get magnetic signs for your truck but be careful how you advertise your business.

In California it is illegal to advertise yourself as being capable of doing a contractors work if you are not licensed.  This means that you can’t advertise yourself as “Joe’s Painting” or “Betsy’s Electric” if you’re not a licensed painting or electrical contractor.

Handyman is not a licensed profession in California so I advertise myself as a Handyman, period.  I have three magnetic signs on my truck.  One for each door and one for the tailgate and I have gotten a lot of business from them.  When I’m parked at a job site people will often stop to ask me what type of jobs I do and to ask for a business card.

The signs also help to identify me to my new customers when I arrive.  This is another way that I set myself apart from the competition.  Have you ever noticed how many workers don’t have signs on their trucks?  Be different but stay within the law.

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