What Other Sources of Business Are There?

Real estate agents are a great source of business for a handyman.  The referrals that I get from them tend to be either pest repairs to complete the sale of a home, spruce up work to make a home more presentable for sale, or maintenance work on rental homes under their management.  These jobs tend to have a tight time line so your prompt response will earn you their loyalty and many referrals.  Real estate agents know lots of other agents and are glad to pass on your card.

The elderly are always in need of handyman work and will gladly let their friends know that they have found a good handyman.  In order to effectively reach the elderly, you must get to know them.  If you are active in a church let the senior ministry leader know that you are interested in offering your services to the elderly.  Sponsor the church newsletter and be active in the church community.

Get to know the in-home care managers and senior care advisors in your area.  They frequently need help with the installation of grab bars, wheel chair ramps and other modifications to make a home more accessible and safe for their clients.

Doing community service, being active in the PTA, coaching soccer, baseball or any activity where you are involved with groups of people will prove to be a source of referrals.  Simply carry your cards with you and let people know what you do.

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