Which Customers Will Pay the Highest Rate for Handyman Services?

Millions of homeowners will agree that a good handyman is hard to find. They are afraid of calling someone they don’t know from the yellow pages or classified ads.   They don’t want to be over charged and treated rudely only to end up with shoddy workmanship and an unfinished job.  The handyman industry’s negative reputation has been built by people who charge too little for their work, get overwhelmed by the workload and have no time for good customer service.  Don’t underestimate the opportunity that exists for a professional handyman with integrity.

You can charge more than your competition if you build your business based on referrals from satisfied customers.  A prospective customer calling you out of the blue will usually ask first about your rates.  You’ll need to do a lot of sales work to build your value in their eyes before moving on to discussing rates.  If you don’t, you’ll simply be in a bidding war with the other handymen listed in the phone book.

So which customer will pay you the highest rate?  Ironically it is the customer who was referred to you.  Your value went up the minute they received your business card from a friend.   They will pay your rate, even if it is higher than the competition because they are confident that they are hiring a proven handyman.  Now it is your job to earn the money!   Building your referral network is the final key to earning top dollar for your services.

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