Do I Need an Accountant and a Bookkeeper?

Unless you’ve had a lot of experience with taxes, you may want to have a tax preparer complete your first year’s tax returns.  In subsequent years you can often prepare your own taxes by following last year’s example.

I have found that after the chart of accounts has been set up properly your bookkeeping system simply requires maintenance. Bookkeeping software has greatly simplified this once difficult task and has made it possible for someone like myself, who has moderate bookkeeping and tax experience, to do it myself.

Alternatively, you may have a spouse or partner available to do the bookkeeping.  If their time permits, in addition to preparing the deposits and paying the bills, they could answer incoming phone calls, contact clients regarding scheduling and make follow-up calls.  Your time would be freed up to make estimates and complete more jobs.  This arrangement could ultimately translate into better customer service for your clients and more income for you both.

The most important thing is that the bookkeeping and taxes be prepared accurately and on time.  Accountants and tax preparers are called experts for a reason, bring them in if you need advice and to save yourself time and aggravation.

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