Will I Get More Business If I Accept Credit Cards?

I haven’t had a single customer ask if I accept credit cards. I don’t think they expect me to.  But I do offer the option and I think it brings me more business.

There are some compelling reasons to invest the money it takes to have a merchant account.  People will often have you do more work if they know you will accept their credit cards.  It is also great to be able to offer the credit card option to the rare customer who, after the work is done, says that they don’t have enough money.  If you have a merchant account you can let them charge it.

Secondly, by letting your customers know that you accept credit or debit cards you will set yourself apart from your competition.  Every advantage helps!

Here is the least expensive way to accept credit cards.  Open a Paypal business account.  Your customers can pay with their charge cards even if they don’t have a Paypal account.  The fees charged to you are minimal and are strictly on a per transaction basis.  There are no monthly service fees.  Your customers could also pay with their Paypal account.  Visit the Resources and Helpful Links section on this website for more details.

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