Should I Offer Senior and Group Discounts?

Yes.  Offer seniors and non-profit groups a discount rate.  When friends and former co-workers approach you with work offer them a discount rate too.  There is great demand in the senior community and non-profit groups for reasonably priced work and, if you deliver on your promises, will be glad to pass your card on to their friends.  The Board of Trustees of one of the local churches approached me to do work.  I decided to offer the church and all of its members 20% off my hourly rate.  They continue to be a great source of business.

Many times I’ll have friends approach me to do work for them.  Because they are friends I feel guilty about charging them for my work.  But realistically, I can’t work all day for nothing…I have bills to pay too.  These same friends would have to pay someone to do the work if I didn’t do it, right?  The solution is to give them a great price and let them know that you are giving them a great discount.

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