Should I Advertise in the Newspaper and the Yellow Pages?

I don’t think so.  Though these ads will bring you business, it is not always the type of business that you want.  As I’ve said before, by putting your name in with all of the other handymen in your area you are entering a bidding war for work.  There are better alternatives for your advertising dollar.

What Other Sources of Business Are There?

Real estate agents are a great source of business for a handyman.  The referrals that I get from them tend to be either pest repairs to complete the sale of a home, spruce up work to make a home more presentable for sale, or maintenance work on rental homes under their management.  These jobs tend to have a tight time…

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How Can I Save on Newspaper Advertising?

If you insist on running print ads, always test the waters with the least expensive ad you can run. Order the minimum ad run and only commit to a longer run or a larger ad after the first one has proven to be successful.  Follow this advice and you will easily save the money you invested in this book many…

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Marketing Your Handyman Business

The handyman industry needs professionals with good customer service skills.  Talk to your friends and neighbors…what experiences have they had dealing with a handyman?  Almost without exception you will get the same answers.  “They never called back…he didn’t show up.  I wasted a whole day waiting for him…all I got was an answering machine, I left a message three times…the…

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Will a Web Page Bring Me More Business?

I get very little handyman work from my webpage.  The work that I have received came from a national commercial property management company that was looking for a local, insured handyman.  Truthfully though, I don’t expect my webpage to be a big source of referrals.  I simply want it to confirm my credibility and show off my work. Most of…

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Should I Get Handyman Signs for My Truck?

Yes.  Get magnetic signs for your truck but be careful how you advertise your business. In California it is illegal to advertise yourself as being capable of doing a contractors work if you are not licensed.  This means that you can’t advertise yourself as “Joe’s Painting” or “Betsy’s Electric” if you’re not a licensed painting or electrical contractor. Handyman is…

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